Dr. Yarnetta E. Peebles is the President & CEO of Beauty for Ashes, Inc. a training, mentoring and empowering organization. Dr. Peebles has worked in the education, mentoring, human resources and counseling arena for many years. Her area of expertise is providing training, counseling and mentoring for adults as well as children.

Dr. Yarnetta Peebles has received her training nationally and internationally. Thru conferences, seminars, schooling, lectures, etc. She has worked in federal service for over 20 years and served in her local church all her life. Dr. Peebles holds a Master’s degree in Christian Theology and Christian Counseling. She graduated with her doctorate on 2009 in Christian Counseling. She is the Acting Director of the Jericho Christian Training College . She is a member the National Christian Counselors Association, the American Association of Christian Counselors, ICBACC.

Dr. Peebles is currently enrolled in classes at the AACC. Dr. Peebles is Board Certified in various areas. After the death of her husband in December 2004 her attention has been more focused on the healing of those that are hurting and grieving loss, whether it be adult or child.